September 13, 2016

Peter got up at 5:00am to go play golf with his friend Ray (who, by the way, returned last night after two weeks in Spain, and was, likely, jet-lagged). They were excited to play Haggin Oaks in Sac, a course designed by a famous golf course designer. You’d think that was the big ticket event of the day. It wasn’t.

Today was also go to college day. Big deal, yes. But, there was still time to get in one more round before we hit the road.

He got back around 11:30 and talked and talked about the course, how he did on every single hole (shot an 89 on the day), how cool it was to play on an Alister MacKenzie course, various of his shots, etc.

Then he started to gather the things he thought he might need at school this year. A lot more stuff than he’d originally thought.

We took off about 1:30, bound for La Jolla.

And, here he is, walking out the door and on his way to a new, fancy chapter in his young life:


I’d like to say this was the final exit.. but it wasn’t. He returned twice–once for extra shoes and once for some forgotten electronics.

I’m still gonna call this the beautiful and symbolic passage from one stage of life to another.


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