Road Trip

July 30, 2016

Got back to Davis from Yosemite on a Friday night… left for Southern California on a Saturday morning.

We had all kinds of reasons for this quick trip:

Top of my list: wanting to squeeze in some special together time with Peter before he flies the coop.  Also, having missed the June UCSD orientation, Peter was feeling like he needed to get a feel for the campus before he moves down there for good. It’s also River’s first birthday party weekend… so a triply good time for a road trip. Bonus buys: see Grandma, play Torrey Pines.

No time to waste.

Even a day spent on I-5 is time well spent when you’re with your college bound kiddo. Hit the South Bay, exited the 405 at Rosecrans and headed west. Made it by sunset…


IMG_4408 (1)


Checked in at the comfy Inn at 2915. Mom seemed great. Chris, mom, P and I had a nice (if noisy) dinner at Admiral Risty (wow, it’d been a long time)…. ran into some people we knew, had cocktails (mom loves her Grey Goose), excellent fresh fish… capped our late night dinner with double espressos and dessert….facts that may or may not be relevant, but there they are.

Good start to what would become a memorable couple of days.


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