See Ya Next Year, Tuolumne

July 29, 2016

Go home day.

Some parting shots.

Sitting in lodge, waiting for breakfast. The “lodge” is nothing fancy–concrete floor, canvas walls and ceiling, wooden frames, furniture that must endure the winter locked up in some metal crate. It’s a high camp experience…

Still, they have windows… and I love them:



Here’s our view, from the corner table, looking out at the Dana Fork…


Peter’s hot chocolate…


My favorite combo this year: toasted english muffin, served with a side of peanut butter, bananas and crispy bacon. Some assembly required:


Here’s a note we found tucked under our windshield one morning. Made my day!


And that’s the thing about Tuolumne…   many birds of a feather drawn to a vacation of hiking. Lots of boomers with aging knees (and hips), who appreciate the comforts, if minimal, of tent cabins, because carrying heavy packs into the backcountry and having to do all your own cooking just seems… unnecessary… when you can have a bed, hot shower, and the aforementioned peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches. I always love being in the company of people who prioritize hiking and climbing, love the mountains, care about the environment, value science and, for the most part, lean left. It’s the Tuolumne way.

So, let’s see, what else… here’s another couple shots of Lembert I like:



Here’s our annual shot from the stoop. Of note, we were given the option, when we checked in, of selecting Cabin #2–one of the highly sought after 1, 2, 3 cabins situated adjacent to the Dana Fork and removed from the hustle-bustle of the rest of the compound (such as it is). We seriously considered it, but then settled on Cabin 6 because of its proximity to the bathroom. Are we old or what?


He’s cute, isn’t he? I’m just ridiculously happy to be sitting next to him, and so in heaven having had an entire week to spend, just the three of us, in our favorite place on earth, doing what we love the most. Holy cow. Doesn’t get any better than this. All misty as the week comes to an end.

Here’re a couple shots from the drive home…

Fire aftermath:



And, because I can never get enough road shots:










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