Flood, River and Ocean

July 31, 2016

Welp, started the day with a big flood. I can think of a thousand things I’d rather have had happen… but, flood it was.

Old house, aging pipes, overload (Peter’s long showers may work in Davis, but not Palos Verdes)… whatever it was, it resulted in water rising in mom’s bathroom, covering the floor, soaking the rugs, walls and other low-lying items. A big messy mess.

Chris did the lion’s share of the cleaning.. here he is, rubber glove-clad, hauling out a load of wet matter:


Very unlike me–iPhone documentarian that I am–I missed all the best flood photos. Probably better that way.

Mom and I decided to stay to deal with plumbers (who, actually, never came, this being Sunday and all), and once everything was cleaned up, Chris and Peter headed out for the party:


They had a lot of fun.

Mom and I spent the afternoon playing gin rummy. As usual, she won most of the games.

Peter and Chris returned. Mom didn’t feel her Sunday best, but we figured Grey Goose, double espresso, rich meal, late night, the drama of the morning’s flood… she’d be okay.┬áPeter and I took off for points south–La Jolla, here we come!

Happy to be strolling along the strand in La Jolla shores… one of us pretending he’d never seen the other goofball before in his life…


This is actually what he’s looking at… the scene at La Jolla shores…


As we seem to do, we’d arrived just in time for sunset…


The beach was packed with people, pit fires, activity….

Decided to eat at the La Jolla Shores Restaurant (and Hotel). We actually had a great dinner, and most certainly got a great table. Our view, as the sun disappeared beneath the horizon…


…and then…


After dinner, we walked around the shores area. ┬áPeter was feeling comfortable, as we’d been there for Grandpa’s 90th… a year ago January… and he remembered a lot.

Lots of twinkly lights, restaurants, bars…


We stayed at the Sheraton, up the hill and adjacent to the university. Good place.

Tomorrow: UCSD, Torrey Pines, La Jolla Village, and the cove.