PV Day One

July 9, 2016

Who doesn’t love a 7:00am flight? Maybe someone out there, but not me (I don’t not love it). After the initial shock of the 4:00am get up, the rest is awesome.

For example, sunrise from the plane:


Great shadows on mountains:


Got to PV, picked up my mom, and headed right out to breakfast… our new favorite in Hermosa Beach–Uncle Stavros Greek restaurant. Here are a couple of suave guys across the table:


Uncle Stavros is a block from the water, so we walked off a huge breakfast there… along the strand. Mom and Jim.. and the ever fabulous places to live…


It’s a beach scene every part of which I  love.


Mom and I played gin rummy for most of the rest of the afternoon while Jim and Peter explored. They found Trump’s golf course on a particularly scenic part of the peninsula..


Evidently, in return for the privilege of converting prime coastal land to private use, Trump had to provide a ton of public access. Peter and Jim said the trails that surround the course, as well as the dramatic trails along the cliffs, were nice enough. Given the state of current presidential politics, I’m a bit curious as to how those negotiations went. No matter, I’d have preferred the land remained undeveloped.


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