Out of Africa

July 8, 2016

Yesterday, I helped Vicki hang her show at the I-House. I and three others… takes a lot of hands. It was a photo show of her recent trip to Africa, mostly large closeups of the men, women and children of two indigenous tribes in Tanzania.  It was Vicki’s job to decide how many would fit in the spaces, which ones told the best stories, which would have the greatest visual impact. We were there to provide second opinions, and especially to help with the hook-wire-hanging-rehanging-up-and-down-the-ladder stuff.

(Note to Jim: you would have passed out from frustration.)

(Note to Vicki: not because it was frustrating, at all, but because Jim has a legendarily low tolerance for hanging pictures with anybody, anyhow.)

Here’s a before shot of the gallery, pre-hanging…


Here’s an in-process shot of the kids’ wall. Ray (best neighbor ever) was a huge help. (The monthly art show/reception at the International House was Ray’s idea a few decades ago…it’s been a going concern all these years, and he’s always on hand to help with the set up. Great guy.)


(SO hard to get straight. Note the selection of wires on the table… most of which are not bent, most of which are part of a matching pair..)

And here is tonight at the opening reception:

Vicki in her element…


… among her many friends and fans, sharing photos from her travels, storytelling. Stepping beyond the comfort zone… her first art show ever.

And a job very well done.

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