Praying for Rain

September 30, 2015

This mantis prayed.


And it must have been for rain… because we got some today.

She hung around while we planted some new succulents. Very companionable.


We mostly planted plants today, focusing primarily on the porch pots…


We split and repotted the spider plants, added a fuchsia, and embellished the succulents. That fern’s doing its crazy, happy thing; didn’t have to do anything to him.

Added a few new flowers for color in the front yard, too… three gauras, six vincas, and one of these lacy, cream-colored flowers, whose name I’ve forgotten.. begins with a c.


We’d gotten a very late start on the summer garden, so now, on the eve of October, we are finally getting some tomatoes …


(And peppers, arugula, eggplant, chard…)

Here’s a cantaloupe we thought was cucumber…


Finally, a half ripe Meyer lemon…


I love Wednesdays. The yard’s looking fine.

Frances even complimented me on my willingness to live with all the leaves (great moisture-preserving mulch layer). I admit, it took some getting used to–tidy person who favors discreet lines that I am.

All for the cause, you know?

In fact, we talked quite a bit today about what it’s going to take to live in California going forward as climate change imposes continued and unprecedented dryness upon our state. Obviously, we’re going to have to get used to a whole new way of gardening.

So we are.

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