September 21, 2015

Experienced something new today. I’m gonna call it an LA thing, but I imagine it will be coming to a theater near you soon–wherever you may be.

So, my mom and I decide to go to the movies. Not much playing, so decide to see A Walk in the Woods, starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte (and Emma Thompson and Mary Steenbergen)… so how bad could it be? It’s a hiking movie! It features the Appalachian Trail. The Smokies! I was there kind of recently; I was looking forward to the cinematography. And even if it were bad… Robert, Nick, Emma and Mary. Pros, right? I enjoy them all. So we went.


It was not very good.

But it was worth seeing because of these:


Disregard what’s up on the screen; that was a pre-movie promo. But note the chair. It’s a recliner! And it was super comfortable–ample, cushy, wide arms.

I loved it.

At this theater, for some reason, when you purchase your ticket, you also select a specific seat, and then you have to sit in it. You don’t just wander in and sit wherever you want. I can’t imagine why they do this, but it’s part of the deal. We sat in Row E, seats 1 and 2. It was a very sparsely attended film at 3:00 on a Monday. But there we were. Dutifully reclined In our assigned seats.

I also ordered a hot dog.. my first movie hot dog ever (though that’s nothing new).

There were also ushers who patrolled the theater. One told me to put my phone away when I pulled it out to snap a photo.


The whole experience sort of bugged mom, though she found the seats comfortable enough. Me, I’d do it again.

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