Hot Ball in the Fall

September 10, 2015

Fall Ball season officially opened today. Wuhoo, wuhoo!

it will likely be Peter’s last fall season of baseball, at least playing with Davis High School… therefore it’s another last….the last first day of Fall Ball season. (I told you this might get weird.)

It was a crazy little scrimmage against Woodland, whom they slaughtered, which was totally expected. The umpire even ended a couple of the innings early because Davis had scored just too, too many runs. We stopped putting the score up on the scoreboard after the first inning–it just wasn’t necessary nor polite–but scorekeepers never really stop keeping score–we have books to keep, after all. Even with truncated innings, we still racked up 25 runs to zip.

Our guys looked really, really great.

Maybe the bigger news, though, was that it was 106-degrees at game time, give or take a degree. I am not kidding. Brutal.

Peter didn’t pitch today, but he did get an at-bat. And… bummer…. he was hit on the first pitch. Got a big bruise right next to his left scapula.  Many hoots from the dugout on that one.

The light got really lovely a little later in the game, this was around 6:30pm:


Here are my boothmates… my scoring mentor Dianna, and our second opinion guy Mark:


About to pass out from the heat, but couldn’t be happier.

And speaking of happy….

peter dugout

Too bad these guys aren’t having any fun. (That might be Eton to the right of Peter, Ray to his left, and he’s probably laughing at something Griffin said.)

With thanks to Wes for another in a fantastic series of candid dugout shots.

2 Responses to “Hot Ball in the Fall”

  1. Michael Ann Says:

    Man, I don’t know how you guys sat out there in that heat yesterday…. Love the photos!

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