Chillin’ in the Pack ‘n Play*

September 1, 2015

Because I can’t help myself… because these guys are just. so. damn. cute….

john and river

Unless they received two such gizmos, this is the thing we gave them at one of the many showers held before River’s arrival. It’s a round, padded blanket attached to a pair of padded arches which support dangly, colorful padded items one can bat about.

Peter had such a thing–we called it the Dome of Pleasure. It was a very popular item in the rotation… read: held his attention for great gobs of time. We have a ridiculous amount of video of Peter batting those items around, with a look very similar to River’s (and John’s).

Also in the rotation: the Vibromatic (vibrating chair); the Bouncy Swing; the Wind-Up Swinging Chair; the Barcolounger (a portable crib-like unit with a mobile overhead); and something whose nickname I cannot remember, but Peter sat inside it with a 360-degree table surrounding him full of manipulatable items.

Those were definitely funny days.

*John posted this photo to Facebook a couple days ago on his 30th birthday with this caption:

“A 30-year-old can learn a lot from a 30-day-old…Thanks for the birthday wishes. We’ll be chilling in our “pack n’ play” if you need us!”

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