Birthday Eve Day

April 29, 2015

Jim Frame is a regular guy. Operative word: guy. Other operative word: Frame.

Guy, meaning life is simple, uncomplicated. Ya got yer work, ya got yer family, ya got yer exercise routines, a few chores, like laundry, food shopping and cooking, taking out the trash and mowing the lawn. Ya gotta eat, sleep, go to baseball games. Throw in a few solitary passions, involving either a computer, a book, or a large tool in the garage, and life is just about perfect. It’s all pretty straightforward.

In the birthday context, birthdays come, you receive your family calls, maybe have a nice pecan pie, and you can file that birthday away, duly acknowledged.

Frame, meaning all of the above elements, underscored in their simplicity by orders of magnitude, steadily routinized to near robotic perfection. No complications. No muss no fuss. Neat and tidy.

Certainly not complicated by the complicated complications one’s complicated wife might add to the mix. If you’re not a man, you know what I’m talking about.

And I say all this with a smile.  At nearly 60, I’m figuring out men and their simple needs. At nearly 20 years in, I’m figuring out marriage to a Frame.

So, Jim’s birthday tomorrow will be a simple affair: a vegetarian kind of soup for dinner with bread, a pecan pie, and he’ll open a pretty safe gift (ordered via Amazon about two months ago). In between dinner and pie, we’ll attend a high school college orientation thingie.

College orientations happen; what are ya gonna do?

Anyway, that’ll be the birthday. This weekend, we’ll see a play and go to a nice dinner in Sac, but that is, categorically, NOT a birthday event. Later, friends will take us out to a nice dinner, because that’s an acceptable part of the birthday tradition and very fun.

I’m very okay with all of this, no snark even if it may sound that way, promise.

But, here, I couldn’t help myself. Jim’s been complaining about a shrub that has grown so high he can’t see clearly to the north when exiting our driveway. So I, and my gardening partner Frances, chopped that baby down today! To the stump! In its place, I erected a Happy Birthday Jim sign (which he has not yet noticed and I may have to point it out, but it’s the thought that counts).


Just a teeny little addition to the birthday mix.

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