Rose Up

April 28, 2015

Baltimore burns.

Decades of injustice has brought us to yet another very bad moment in time. Racially-based injustices, racially motivated police brutality, the right to protest, the role of violence…. our country’s got a big, nasty, giant mess on its hands.

And a lot of distance to go to get right.

I saw a white guy on Facebook today stand up for black people and get accused of white guilt by another white person. Yelled at, called out, all caps, the whole ugly deal, for being a guy who just acknowledged that we’re not all playing the game under the same rules.

I know people with big juicy hearts. They’re moral, they’re consistent in their morality, they’re guided by respect and fairness, they genuinely, deeply care. But you better watch out if it’s not the right kind of caring… somebody else’s idea of caring.

The problem is that people just don’t listen to each other. Anywhere, really–in politics, in religion. But at this moment in Baltimore people aren’t listening. Things get twisted pretty quickly among the non-listening people.

I quieted a couple of the more shrill, hysterical, fear-baiting voices in my Facebook feed today. Quieting is my own euphemism for unfollowing but not unfriending. If I unfriended all the people whose posts hurt my heart, I’d have far fewer family members and oldie friends left in my Facebook-o-sphere. This way, they’re still there, I just don’t have to listen to them. Because, the truth?, their anger (and ignorance and fear) is just too painful, even if it’s not directed at me.

If you speak with an open heart, though, I’ll listen. Promise.

Better listening is what we need.

How about a rose today.


One Response to “Rose Up”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    better listening for sure! more ongoing two-way avenues.

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