Prepping for the Big Day

March 20, 2015

It IS going to be a big day.. this thing I’m prepping for. I’m looking forward to it AND am a wee bit apprehensive. This thing is a reunion, of sorts, with a handful of women who go all the way back to kindergarten days (with one minor exception). It’s what happens when a benign Facebook thread about some random reference to elementary school days goes from an oft proffered we should get together sometime to when are you all available?

And before you know it, dates are proposed, venues are considered, plans are sketched out…

And, eventually, a real live date approaches on a real live calendar and then the weekend arrives and real live logistics get worked out.

(Eeeeeek! I’m totally game, but it’s also been a couple of lifetimes since I saw most of these women and even then, as it happens, none of us really hung out with any of the others… so we are, for all practical purposes, strangers, except we went to kindergarten together (more or less) and spent about thirteen years attending the same schools. What could go wrong?)

And that’s how six of us came to make plans to see one another this weekend up in Colfax, CA.

So… I got the car washed, because Wendy K is going to ride from Davis to Colfax with me. Here is a photo I took as I was leaving the carwash… a little treasure trove of stuff the crew dug out from the hard-to-reach spaces. Whatcha get when sharing your car with your son. They did remove all the stickiness. Yay.


In preparation, I also assembled some trail snacks… my modest contribution to the day’s eats.

Decided on blue cheese-stuffed olives, medjool dates and almonds, this standard combo—two good thing to have on the trail–juicy and salty: prosciutto and melon…


(looks a bit disgusting doesn’t it?)

and my latest fave, red bell peppers and oil-cured olives…IMG_5654_2

Something about that combo…it’s the sweet, watery crunch of the pepper and the super salty, oily texture of the olives. Yum. Discovered by accident one day last week when making a pizza…
The silliness of making an hors d’oeuvre out of pepper and olive reminds me of that episode of That Girl (1966-71) when Ann has to come up with an appetizer for guests her boyfriend, Donald Hollinger, is bringing over to impress. She has nothing in her kitchen so comes up with the idea of putting small dabs of peanut butter on cornflakes.  Zany huh? Typical 60s sitcom ya?


Looking forward to Saturday’s rendesvous.

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