A Two Tree Day

March 18, 2015

When last I left you, we’d removed a tangelo, two redbuds, a cherry, and two volunteer figs. We’d also shifted a couple of peaches, relocated a lime, and just acquired a new Meyer lemon and Japanese maple. I won’t go into more distant history and the loss of our beloved almond, ornamental plum, and Bradford pear that canoped our driveway, nor the departure of our long ago modesto ash, first sycamore, several birches, numerous crape myrtles, and countless victims of armillaria (a couple of maytens and our first Japanese maple)…

In our almost nineteen years in this house, there’s been a lot of tree change. (That might have been a better blog title.) We’ve gone through a fair amount of heartache at the loss of some great trees. But we’ve also planted a whole bunch of good ones, too. So, we move on.

Today, we added two more fruit trees…  a Dapple Dandy pluot..


… which we planted in the front yard (replacing the huge, unwieldy, out-of-scale tangelo).


And, its partner in pollination, the Santa Rosa plum…


… which we planted in the back yard and which I forgot to take a picture of.

Both will have lovely white blossoms, which will complement all the pink. Should be really pretty come next spring.

New thing I learned today: point the nub of your grafted rootstock thing to the north (so it doesn’t get sunburned, of course).

And a plug for Lemuria, a super great place to buy plants and trees. We spread our business out among all the local places, but I have to say, a trip out to Lemuria is a real treat. It’s an impressive spread.

IMG_5641(Funny… just noticed somebody made off with one of their W’s…)

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