It’s Raley Time

March 20, 2015

I just love my kid. In all his forms, I just love him. I post these in the hopes that one day, some distant day in the far future when he’s sitting around with his kids (he wants three, you know), flipping through the pages of grandma’s journal, he’ll be pleased that I documented some of these moments of his life, though they may seem, to him, so utterly unremarkable now.  Pleasant, fun and full of the stuff of high school memories, sure, but small moments, nonetheless.

This batch comes from last night’s game at Raley Field. Since Peter’s a pitcher only, his spotlight moments come few and far between.. and maybe getting fewer and farther as the season ramps up. But it’s all part of the deal and he seems quite okay with it. And if he is, we are. It’s all good.

(He did say he missed hitting and wouldn’t mind getting a chance at the plate again, maybe this summer. To what end, I’m not sure, but I’m sure it’s hard to watch all the hitting going on and not be a part of it.)

The Raley Field game is a big to-do. It’s not like the field’s any bigger, but the experience of playing in a huge stadium, under the lights, beneath the Tower Bridge and Sacramento skyline, with big fancy stadium announcers.. well, that part’s pretty neat. I hope it’s neat for those guys who don’t play (like many of the younger classmen and pitchers only). I think it is.

Varsity guys sat in the stands and watched JV guys play in the first game… Solly, Peter, Ian’s mouth and a few unidentified ears:


And provided their own commentary, no doubt… AWalk and Peter (smilin’..):


The JV team scored the game-winning, go-ahead run in the bottom of the seventh on a towering walk-off double by Griffin Duisenberg, which was a crowd pleaser (to put it mildly… super exciting). Then the varsity squad took the field for warm up… Peter (smilin’ again) and Ray, fellow PO:


Assembled along the third base line for official game-opening protocol (we brought along our DHS treble choir for the Star-Spangled Banner honors, which made everybody feel right at home). Backsides of: Tyler M (gosh, he’s tall for a freshman..), Mason, Peter, Brendan, Ray and EWalk:


For the record, the JV won 5-4, and the Varsity won 2-1, both against the formidable Rocklin. Highlights for DHS included a powerful pitching performance from Walter, very fine relief innings from Brendan and Ian, some great hitting from Drew, a gorgeous bunt from Andrew B, and totally solid defense. I hope this all portends a solid season with way more Ws than Ls. So far so good.

And here’s just another photo I saw on the Davis Enterprise site that I loved and again shows the smily side of Peter. It was taken at last week’s game up in Woodland. This was a mound visit, though I don’t remember any occurring during the innings Peter pitched (always a good sign). Still, it’s on the mound, Peter’s still got the ball and, importantly, he’s smiling, so clearly he’s not getting called out for anything.

That ready smile is one of the things I love about Peter. Pictured here: Q, not sure, Nate, Peter, Kenner, Danny and Hunter. Danny’s also very smily. Love those guys.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.18.09 PM

This is a very illegal borrow of a photo that I totally don’t have the rights to, thus the “proof” stamped across the bottom. I took a screen shot of the image and plan to purchase it from the Enterprise. Promise. Wayne Tillcock gets all the credit on this one.

2 Responses to “It’s Raley Time”

  1. Peter’s in his element on the diamond. Obvious in his face. And the flickr police are coming to Davis.

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