Sunday Snapping

March 15, 2015

A few pictures on the day…

A nice cluster of red tulips with a smattering of daffs on the way to brunch this morning. (And by the way, Bernardo’s is serving up the best corned beef hash I’ve ever eaten. Ever. I’m not kidding. I ordered it without the potatoes (I know, but I just wanted the corned beef). Probably just for the month of March. Consider yourself informed.)


On the drive to the Bay Area… goofed around with yet another picture of those lollipop trees in Dixon.


Monica and Jim, talking about dreams, I think (as in the powerful one Jim had last night about finding a porcelain owl atop a sand dune).


Some of Monica’s birthday flower haul. Happy Birthday Monica! (it was also great to see the John Frames and good buddies Lucy and Charlie.)


The other Charlie, a very relaxed fat cat.


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