3.141592841 is Not Pi

March 14, 2015

We’ve got several different things going on here..

First–and it was more significant to the kiddo than I expected it to be–it was SAT day, as in the SATs, as in that measurement of what you’ve learned and what you have the capacity to achieve, an appeal to all future potential college admissions offices to Take me!, Take me! That test. This was that day.

Peter tests pretty well, I think because he doesn’t get all wound up about tests. He’s a pretty relaxed, easy going guy. He’s also always been enormously curious, spending a lot of screen time sponging up great gobs of information. And he loves to quiz himself, loves to answer questions. Loves to measure his knowledge of things. His favorite app is a trivia quiz app that has questions in science, history, math, current events, you name it. He spends crazy amounts of time on that thing competing against both friends and strangers all over the world. He’s always been about quantifying (he’s been the how many, how far, how deep, how fast guy from the time he could talk). He loves to take IQ tests (we endlessly remind him they are not valid); he just enjoys the exercise of answering questions.

So tests are okay.

But he seemed nervous this morning, and it turns out, he was. He was very happy when he got home and it was all over (and not so bad). He talked about it for most of the afternoon.

And I guess he gets all of this from both Jim and me. We’re both in our respective ways a mix of numbers, order, measuring, tracking, quizzy things, and both a bit OCD.

For the record, we don’t push Peter. He’s the bees knees no matter what he scores on tests, of course, and always, and he knows that. This measuring, assessing and quantifying thing is all him. He came out that way. We’re responsible in that we have the same gene.  (Jim measures things for a living. I track everything. It’s how the world makes sense. Right?)

Anyway, SAT. Got up way early for a Saturday morning, Jim made Peter a big pancake breakfast, I drove him to Woodland for the test. Change of subject? How ’bout these sunrise shots?




While he was off testing, we were busting our butts at the Varsity Baseball complex at DHS. Annual parent work day. It was actually quite fun and satisfying. Music cranked from the announcer box/snack shack, the clouds gave way to an 81 degree day, and we did back breaking work… hula hoeing weeds, wheelbarrowing around and distributing dirt, hammering dugouts back together, slatting fences, edging base paths. Stuff like that.




This was my area (with Margie and Dianna): the visitor dugout. The weed-free visitor dugout. IMG_5539

Finally it was the PI DAY OF THE CENTURY! (And Albert Einstein’s birthday, coincidentally.) Sure you’ve heard, but this year there existed a moment in time that corresponded exactly to the first ten digits of pi… March 14, ’15, 9:26:53

My effort to capture this moment in photographic perpetuity failed. I was going to take a screen shot of my iPhone as the moment occurred, but realized I didn’t know how to take a screen shot. So with little time to spare before the big moment, I went to the googles (a bit frantically). I got the information, which was great, but as we approached the once-a-century moment in time, all I got was a screen shot of how to take a screen shot.


I have to wonder why Apple placed the volume button directly across from the sleep/wake button… it’s hard to push one w/o pushing the other.

Panic was setting in.

By the time I mastered the technique, the moment had passed. I got 3.141592841. Not pi.


So that was a bust.

Later, after the work day, Jim and I went to lunch at Crepeville (you don’t say).  And look what I found:


Pi is everywhere.

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