Not So Friday the 13th

March 13, 2015

No Friday the 13th horribleness today.

Well, unless you call my computer crashing and leaving me with nothing but a flashing desktop (terrifying, if you’re me). After numerous powering downs and rebootings, we fixed it with something called a “safe reboot” which looks like it reloaded my operating system and in the process eliminated the problem. Except now I’m noticing some other glitchy things that may be related, may not. This is going to have to be a Saturday the 14th problem to solve.

Otherwise it was a perfect day. Unless you were maybe hoping for a DHS baseball win in Yuba City. Especially with your kiddo on the mound. That didn’t happen, nor did he pitch particularly well, but nothing too horrible, unless giving up seven hits is a problem for you. When looking for the positive, we call that throwing strikes. We hear the pitchers were the not the object of the coaches’ wrath in the postgame talk, so there’s that. Won’t think about ERAs until Saturday the 14th either.

If I thought harder, I might find some other flaws in the day, like missing the daily fruit and vegetable goal or running out of time to call mom for the third day in a row, but let’s not think harder. Besides, it’s way too late for aimless, stupid blog posts. So I’ll just post a few favorite pictures for the day and go to bed, if you don’t mind.

Trees in bloom on the way to Yuba City this late afternoon…


Chickens tend to cross the road near the Yuba City Starbucks, it would seem. Every time we’re in town for a game and have time to kill before the first pitch, we wander over to the Starbucks on Franklin to grab something to drink or whatever, and every time, we’ve seen escapees from the property across the street.


We’re finally posting a couple of our own baseball photos instead of stealing Wes’s.  Jim took these of Peter on the mound tonight.



Good job, Jim!

(Note: I couldn’t edit any of these photos because iPhoto seems to have suffered some damage as a result of my computer’s crash today.. another problem for tomorrow..so apols for lo-res, impressionistic chickens; too-big margins; crooked horizons and lackluster colors.)

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