How Sweet It Is

March 16, 2015

Title refers to two things.

First–and this one’s good–my semi-to-thrice annual brunch in Berkeley with Elliot. I so look forward to these. We do the same thing each time, so they’ve become a no brainer… we meet at the same time (10:00), eat at the same place (Rick and Ann’s), park in the same place (on Claremont Blvd), then walk somewhere.

And that’s it, breakfast and a walk–both vehicles for lots of conversation. And picture taking. Conversation used to be all shop talk, now it’s becoming more about what our kids are doing… and old people things–today arthritis and scary health conditions.

And it’s Berkeley, so, you know, there’s a ton of stuff to look at. Nothing beats a Berkeley yard for charming and clever. All of it is a feast for the eyes–the architecture, the flowers, the yard designs, the colors. Sometimes we walk on campus. Years past, we’ve hiked up at Tilden or climbed Indian Rock, or wandered down by the marina. But my favorites are the neighborhood walks. Today we walked along College Ave (because i needed to avoid hills) including the Rockridge area of Oakland.

Here are a few shots:


A narrow and interesting looking passage way…


THIS was quite the street view… a charming little law office with picket fence covered in purple flowers, next to ivy-covered red brick building, with blue mosque-like building behind and an old yellow Dodge-something in front.


The Yasai Market..


Then we wandered down a residential side street and saw some neat houses. This one I liked… painted all various shades of white with stand out blue steps:


And this one with a sweet blue garage, which appeared not to be for cars:


We did a lot of this:


(That’s Elliot, who’s just downloaded my favorite camera app, Camera Plus, and is experimenting with it.)

Messed with macros:


Then said buh bye ’til next time:


The second thing that was sweet, but not so good, was the pie I made for Pi Day (a couple days late due to no time over the weekend).

It was a S’More Pie, which sounded good, and tasted pretty good, but it was way, way, WAY too rich. Insane. Don’t make it, it will kill you.

It’s got a graham cracker crust (tons of butter and graham crackers crumbs) for a bottom layer. The filling is semi-sweet chocolate, warmed, melted and mixed with heavy cream, milk and a couple of eggs, then baked. The top layer is marshmallows… which go on after the pie has set and comes out of the oven.


At least I used healthy-ish marshmallows…IMG_5621

..which I cut into thirds and covered the whole pie with..


Then it goes under the broiler, and comes out like this–roasted marshmallows.


It’s got to cool for a few hours, then you cut it into pieces, warm each piece very slightly in the microwave to soften the layers and ignite the flavors, and eat it. One bite and you’re done.

Peter actually ate his whole piece, Jim ate his and the rest of mine. Sure they’ll both be sick later.

** Hi, it’s me, a few days later. This pie? Fantastic! I’ve been taking a bite here and there straight out of the pan and I’m loving it. The inside layer is like a dense, solid mousse and it’s smooth, rich and heavenly. The crust is just fine, the marshmallows on top add a nice texture and a nice departure from the intensity of the filling. Bottom line, I like the pie a lot. Rich, but good! Not likely to make it again, but I’m enjoying my occasional, stolen bites.  

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