Mounds of Joy

March 6, 2015

Jim thinks on the bump is a bit precious when it comes to spiffy sports lingo used to describe pitchers and that elevated place from which they throw. Too bad, too, because it’s one of my favorite ways to identify Peter’s spot on the baseball diamond these days. I guess I’ll have to start playing with the many ways to use (and abuse) the word mound instead. He’ll rue the day he gave me a hard time about the bump.

So, today, how ’bout mounds of joy? Get it? (Makes me wonder why Mounds candy bars aren’t a standard at baseball games…)

Mounds of Joy indeed! Last night, under the lights at Woodland’s historic Clark Field, Peter got the starter nod in game two of the season. He pitched a solid first three innings and but for a few small goof ups in the fourth (the walk and hit batter were his fault, but a fielding error and a questionable call by the field ump on a great pick-off–Frame to Henrickson!–were not) would have had a fantastic total outing. As it was, despite a dramatic fourth, he got credited with the 6-2 win and I think feels pretty good about his contribution.

We are enjoying Peter’s recent high profile outings, because it won’t be long before DHS’s star pitcher Kris Prince is back from the injury list and Peter shifts to reliever status. If there is a third starter slot this year (the #1 and #2 are set with Walter and Kris), there are several pitchers in addition to Peter vying for it, including: a seriously impressive hotshot, lefty freshman; a super dependable, confident, experienced senior; a very hard to hit, hard-throwing side-slinger sophomore; one of Peter’s best buds on the team who’s solid, steady, and deeply talented; and a work horse of a senior who will be a force when his knee injury finally subsides. And there are lots of other position players who can fill in when called upon. Or, you know, the coach could call someone up from JV. Happens all the time. So.. definitely enjoying the opportunity Peter’s had to show what he can do.

Wes, once again, comes through with the best picture of the game:


Things to note: pushed up pants and the DHS striped stirrups; pinstriped traveling uniform; the hole in Peter’s right knee (came that way). Had my doubts that this ensemble would work, but they all looked great, I thought. I particularly love Peter’s expression here–determined, focused–because I love this guy, love watching him play and can just hardly believe that after, what, eleven years of looking ahead?, he did indeed make the varsity team.

Joy joy joy.

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