Them Bones

March 5, 2015

Definitely feeling like I’ve arrived at a new chapter of my life. The old chapter. I hadn’t really noticed it so much until about now…but as I sit here (on a heating pad with my feet up) and do an accounting, I see that the list has gotten quite long.

Like, for instance:

  • I have a potion for bleaching those brown age spots. Because I have brown age spots.
  • I have been weaving my hair for a couple of decades, but in the last few years, it’s become largely about covering gray hair. Also? Gray hair is coarse and wiry, just so you know. It doesn’t behave like normal hair. Also again, apparently other texture things change as we age so that what was once more or less straight hair is now super wavy and frizzy. Oh my lord.
  • Sun exposure’s finally caught up to me and I have to be uber vigilant now about skin cancers, so have to do horribly uncomfortable things involving seriously toxic substances applied to embarrassingly visible locations on a fairly regular basis to keep it all at bay. I even take pictures of this which I’ve been asked not to post.
  • I now have hearing aids that I sometimes even wear. Hearing aids. I have nothing to add to that.
  • Then there is the matter of presbyopia. I didn’t know it had a name, but it describes me. Says the literature:

Presbyopia, a word that meant “the elderly eye” in Greek, is a symptom of aging eyes. As you age, the lens of your eye becomes increasingly rigid and inflexible: it can no longer adjust its shape as easily to allow you to focus on both near and distant objects.

Many people notice the effects of presbyopia in their early to mid-40s, as they find themselves holding reading materials at arm’s length in order to focus clearly.

Monovision contact lenses [which I’ve worn for a long time now] are one of several common ways that people correct for presbyopia as they age. In order to address the difficulty in changing focus between near and far, one contact lens is prescribed for near vision and the other contact lens for distance.”

Except now? My eyes get tired like nobody’s business, working as hard as they do to focus on every damn thingI’m reminded of my beloved Grandma Mary who was always rubbing her eyes. I get it now.

  • I’m not processing data like I used to. I’m just not. It’s weird; I have to write stuff down a lot more to keep sh*t straight. Always been a list-maker, but now, whoa. I was going to say something else about that, but forgot what it was. (I’m not kidding.)
  • And never mind the boatload of changes that greet you on the other side of menopause. These are legendary and you know them. Expect them. But man.
  • And then there’s my most recent unhappy situation: the maybe diagnosis of arthritis. I’m holding out just a little longer before accepting this as fact because of its ridiculously sudden onset, but XRAYS show “moderate” degeneration of bone (or something) in the areas where it hurts, so maybe. I didn’t believe the mean doctor (whose name, appropriately, was Dr. Haight, which I did), but the second doctor was so convincing she made me cry, so it could be true.

Today, I went to the Davis Food Coop to see what they might suggest for adding turmeric to my diet.. besides just spicing everything with turmeric. Turmeric, as it turns out, has anti-inflammatory properties. (As I understand it, bone degeneration causes tissue irritation, irritation leads to inflammation. Inflammation restricts movement and causes a lot of pain.) The Coop has a wellness section and, maybe you didn’t know this, a wellness specialist on hand to answer questions exactly like this. I didn’t know this. I also didn’t know they have an entire area of their wellness section devoted to bone and joint health. There are two shelves alone containing nothing but turmeric products.

Turmeric, it turns out, is totally a thing.

Here’s what I bought today:


I boo bood on the arthritis gel; in my haste I picked that up thinking it was arnica cream, which I was intending to purchase.. so may return that. And the fish oil was just a “gift” for my purchase of the Bone Strength thing. Basically, I was after turmeric and cal/mag.

For them bones.

2 Responses to “Them Bones”

  1. Bev Says:

    Wow. You are much younger than I am and have taken care of your health all your life. I’m 72, fat, a couch potato, and have fewer of those problems than you do!

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