Up With the Birds

March 4, 2015

The IRWS, as much a mouthful as Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter, is still in effect, so I’m still a weekly morning driver, which, I have to say, I sort of love. It requires a 5:30 alarm, which would work better if I went to bed earlier, but sleepy or not, the views are peaceful and a great way to meet the day (and the reason for getting up worthwhile, as well).

Come 8:00, I feel like I’ve been up for hours, which I have. I understand the appeal.

Here are a few low-light, low-resolution pictures from this morning. I still like them for their mood, but damn, maybe it’s time for a real camera.

Getting to the church on time. Driving east here on Covell on way to University Covenant, where numbers were low this morning, due, likely, to the weather warming up. About 23 people today.


Approaching the Mace turn:


A couple of sunrises… sun rising over downtown Sac:


Sun rising over crops:


And this road that bears off to the east then turns north (I think) as you’re driving back into town:


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