Droopy Tulips and Other Signs of Spring

March 7, 2015

About a week ago, I brought home some tulips. Perky, erect little soldiers in their narrow-mouthed pewter vase. A couple days later, I walked into the kitchen at just the right hour of the day when the sun, low in the sky, shines through the living room window and blasts the butcher block counter top. Gasp. The tulips were already beginning their downward drop, though at least they still looked like tulips:


And today (same time of day) I barely have room on the butcher block for the room they take up… and they have lost all structural integrity:


Couple other shots because I’ve decided WordPress offers me unlimited photo space (it doesn’t; I will come to regret how many pictures I upload to their site):


And another cool macro of muscular yet delicate petals:


And because the last few days have been insanely gorgeous:

Yesterday in Woodland just before our night game, looking West from Rd 98, up near Beamer.


Yesterday afternoon in a mustard field in South Davis:


And today at Farmer’s Market:


Gosh, huh?

One Response to “Droopy Tulips and Other Signs of Spring”

  1. Bev Says:

    I always look at those tulips at Nugget and think of buying some for my mother but I know about the “droop factor” and save my money!

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