Tour Stop

February 27, 2015

The Compassion Tour is in full swing. It started last September in Keene Valley, in upstate New York. Since, David’s made appearances in Montreal, Canada; Burlington, VT; New York, NY; Lodi, NJ; Louisville, KY; Tampa, FL; Austin, TX; San Antonio, TX; Tulsa, OK. The tour is exceeding our expectations in so many ways. So many people have been touched in ways both small and profound; there have been countless kindnesses extended; David has spoken to more groups than we could easily count; he’s appeared on numerous radio and television shows; he’s met and made valuable connections with dozens of officials and city leaders and shared ideas about compassion with literally hundreds and hundreds of people over his nearly six months on the road.

Lots to smile about as the first ever Compassion Tour unfolds.

For the next couple weeks or so, David’s going to be in Davis. Then it’s on to San Diego, Laguna Beach, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Vancouver… and then we’ll see where we are.

Yesterday was his birthday, and tonight was a little homecoming (and birthday) celebration. We were missing a few friends, but had a lot of fun with those who could make it… Nick, Samantha, Michelle, Jeff, David, Carrie, Jim:IMG_5288

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  1. […] are the team putting together the Compassion Tour. I’ve written lots about the tour here and here. For most of this time, Margaret’s been living in Keene, just outside of Lake Placid in […]

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