Parting Portraiture

February 26, 2015

Flew home today with a cell phone full of marginal pics. But I share them because I must.

Last night’s dinner at Matt and Mike’s..  Matt whipped up a double rack of baby back ribs (apropos, as you’ll see in a sec), succotash, mashed potatoes. A wonderful dinner, but the night will be remembered more for the catastrophic spill Matt took while carrying a full plate of food and a full glass of wine. He tripped on the leg of a chair and went down ridiculously hard on the tile floor, but not before he nearly impaled himself on the protruding wooden arm of a chair. Food flew. Matt writhed, winced and wailed. And ohmylord, the whole scene was scary and traumatic for everyone, as he was clearly wounded, but we didn’t yet know what we were dealing with… busted organ, broken back? The Petersons (minus my mom) are a pretty cool bunch; everyone remained reasonably calm, but everyone’s wheels were cranking trying to process the situation.. Call 911? Go to hospital? Move him? Get ice? Pillow? Pain killers? What to assess, how to assess it.

He kept saying (when he could speak), “Eat dinner! I worked too hard on it for it to go to waste.”

Who could eat?

For about twenty minutes, it felt scary and uncertain… we got him up off the dining room floor, but then he wanted to lie back down on the kitchen floor. More writhing and groaning, more uncertainty. Lots of cooks in that kitchen. He’s a big man.. it was a lot of mass to move around. He was shocky, I know I was shaking the whole time.

But then he really got up… and walked around and we looked at the worst point of impact and it seemed okay-ish. He could breath, he wasn’t lightheaded. So we all sat down and ate ribs. They were amazing.

Then we watched a movie in the newly redecorated living room… here’s a dark and murky picture of Michael and mom watching Robert Duval and Robert Downy, Jr.


This is Joey, one of the three teeny white yippers that make up the dog contingent these days (not pictured, Klondike and Sophie):


And now, a few hours later, Matt’s fully upright, flanked by Jay and Chris, peeling a tangerine.


Post script: X-ray today revealed a cracked rib. Painkillers, anti-inflammatories, a few days of relative rest and it ought to get much better within a week.

And these were shot this morning… while waiting for a cab to the airport:

Mom and me, amateur selfie subjects:


Funny, huh?

And the partingest of the shots… mom waves buh bye with her cane.


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