Varsity in The The Spring

February 22, 2015

Yesterday, the spring varsity baseball season sort of officially began with a couple of scrimmages in Woodland against Pioneer High School and Whitney High School from Rocklin. Final cuts may still come, next week we hear, so nothing is for sure, but it’s looking good for most of the kids who were out yesterday. Fingers crossed. It looks like a great group. Ready to get this thing started!

Peter started the second game and except for giving up one hit (a monster triple) and hitting a batter, he did just fine. Really! He looked great. Soon as we got home, this happened:


Looks like he’ll be wearing number 27 this year (Mike Trout’s number, says Peter, his favorite player at the moment).


I know who my favorite #27 is.

So that blog title?  A play on “Paris in the the Spring.” This was one of the optical illusions that fascinated me back in the day (fascinated as a 10-year-old might be, perhaps), something I saw in one of those TimeLife books from the 60s (remember those?), the one on The Mind, maybe. The trick is that most people, seeing the text, gloss over the second “the.” Our brain knows it’s not supposed to be there and simply ignores it, yadda yadda. Especially if the text is written like this:



One Response to “Varsity in The The Spring”

  1. 27 is my favorite number

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