I’ll Be Back

February 21, 2015

We saw Shawn Colvin last night at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley.


They call it The Freight. (Okay. Sure there’s a story.) It’s great… a folk venue, and every bit of it fits the bill… the artists, the people who go, the laid backness. I feel good just being there.

I’ll be back.

Shawn Colvin. A sweet and haunting voice. She seems very sweet and very haunted.. by addictions, neuroses, men. She writes her songs and sings them with emotion that she seems to come by honestly. A quick google search turns up a lot on depression, alcohol, food issues. I also learned she’s ten days older than I am and has one kid Peter’s age. It’s the second time I’ve seen her.. the first being about 23 years ago at the Strawberry Music Festival when I saw her sing with Greg Brown. It could hardly get better than that.

If/when she comes back to Northern California, I’ll be back.

She does a lot of covers, but last night most of what she did was her own stuff, about three of which I was familiar with from one of a couple CDs we have. But there was one, a Beatles song, that made me cry (Jim said later he lost it, too). Wow.

The song? I’ll Be Back.  

I found a version on YouTube that’s pretty but not quite what she sang last night (only because she sang alone last night and this version includes Mary Chapin Carpenter singing harmony… also very pretty, but different).

I was a little self-conscious, dragging Jim to a folk concert, though he went happily enough. It was a bonus that he was truly moved by her guitar playing. Which says a lot because he can be found at the end of every single day working on songs on both his electric and Peter’s acoustic guitars. He was plenty impressed. I was very glad about that.

Anyway. Great night. Floating.


One Response to “I’ll Be Back”

  1. Sabrina OHanleigh Says:

    Lucky you!! I love Shawn Colvin. Thank you for sharing.

    We spent the day at a regatta on Lake Merced, SF. 4:00am wake up call and home at 8:00.

    Glad Peter’s baseball season is beginning nicely. 🙂


    Sent from my iPad


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