Life is Not Crazy

February 13, 2015


Here are some facts about my not crazy life:

It has been an intentional work in progress for some years now.

I wanted to clean, declutter and organize my house–both literally and figuratively. I did that. Every room, every closet, every drawer. I wanted to take care of long-lingering business. I did that. But I also wanted to consider, contemplate and prioritize the key aspects of my life–family, friends, growth, health, fun, work, community, spirituality. Of course that’s a major work in progress, but accomplishing the one has given me space and time for the other. I like that. And OCD me needed that. Apparently.

I like the quiet, and a peaceful mind.

It’s both wonderful and a bit surprisingly disorienting. But I like that, too (mostly). I think there is discovery in the discomfort. Trusting the process.

I hope and expect to find some there there.

Call me crazy.

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