Size-mology **

February 12, 2015

It all started about five weeks ago when, due to a muscle tear or some such horribly painful thing, I became impaired and unable to bend down to tie my shoes. It actually feels like my muscle is ripping away from the bone and pretty soon my leg is just going to dangle and waggle from my hip. It’s bad. All I’ve been able to manage shoe-wise are clogs and flip flops (grateful for all this spring-like weather). But then my trusty Dansko clogs totally fell apart–disintegrated really–and I decided I’d go down to that shoe store by the train station and get some new ones.

I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve bought shoes.

Somebody’s invented the coolest gadget for very precisely measuring not only the length and width of your foot, but also the pressure you apply to various parts of your sole. Like hot spots, which tell them things I cannot even imagine.

Here’s what you stand on:


And here’s the report:


Neato, huh?

She said it was far more accurate than measuring the old fashioned way. I’m dubious, but whatever. I liked the pressure thing, but of what value that is I’m uncertain. She did tell me I was double to triple E; I enjoyed that.

In the end, they didn’t have the clogs I wanted so I ended up ordering Swedish-made clogs directly from a shop in England (for some reason). I’m hoping they’re just like ones I used to wear there.. I really miss that style (which is to say no style at all: wood base, leather top, that’s it). Will post.

**  The science of sizing  

2 Responses to “Size-mology **”

  1. very amusing, except the part about your leg dangling and muscles coming off

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