Falling and Flattening of the Reds and Yellows

November 1, 2014

I always just love returning home after having been gone, love the first Saturday I’m home, and especially love a bright and crispy fall day at the Farmer’s Market.  I love the park, the people, the coffee and muffin, the sounds, the smells, the weird outfits, the music, sitting on a bench with Jim, fetching Peter an elephant ear. All of it.

Cool enough to wear my pink barn coat today. Sunny enough to still need sunscreen and sun specs. That’s a nice day.

Not like I was gone a long time… but still.

I love the prospect of a nice long fall stretched out in front of me with no planned travel. And I love that there are still lots of red and yellow leaves left on the trees that will soon come spinning down to the ground and get flattened and pressed onto the sidewalks by occasional rain. Yippee!

The trees, here on this first day of November, are just getting ready to think about dropping those reds and yellows..


For eventual flattening..


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