Breakfast with Elliot

November 21, 2014

I’ve come to love these semi-annual breakfasts with Elliot–once a colleague, now a treasured buddy. We meet in Berkeley, more or less in the middle between Palo Alto and Davis. (That is quite the trio of Northern California college towns.) We’ve found ourselves in something of a rut, but it’s a wonderful rut. Breakfast is always here, Rick and Ann’s over by the Claremont Hotel:


Followed typically by a walk, either through the Berkeley campus, the Berkeley neighborhoods, Tilden park or sometimes the Rose Garden. Lots of shop talk, which is still interesting, and lots of family catch up. More news these days of exercise routines and health issues. And today, a little sharing on a recent AARP article. Gack.

Here are a few shots of campus and surrounds:

South side of campus, entering from Telegraph Ave. This I believe is Sather Rd:


Sproul Hall:


Sather Gate:


Along Euclid, north of campus.


And this was a drive by, along College Avenue, may now be in Oakland:


After Elliot, I was so close to Piedmont Gardens, I’d decided to stop in and visit for a few minutes with Annita. She woke up a little and talked, but she was very hard to understand. Even so, it was nice to see her.