Boofore and After

October 31, 2014

Big night on A Street.

Here’s our candy bowl all stuffed and ready for the waves (upon waves, upon waves) of costumed kiddos:


And here is our bowl at the end of the night:


Ha. Tricked ya. We didn’t get (but one pair of) trick or treaters tonight. That is about our annual average.

More candy for us!

Our kitchen window display…



2 Responses to “Boofore and After”

  1. aquasoul Says:

    I actually got three last night Kari. A three-fold increase from last year. The first was my manager’s granddaughter so I gave her a persimmon. The second two, I didn’t answer the door. Figured they must be lost.

  2. why don’t you put on a vamp costume and collar some; the little ones are pretty light and you could lift them right off their feet if they don’t move your way when you grab ‘ em

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