April 7, 2014


I didn’t take any pictures today; it was one of those get a million things done days, and more besides. Love when that happens, especially when unplanned. I am looking at a very clean desk, literally and metaphorically, as they say. I’m going to try and appreciate this feeling. It can’t last.

I can say this about today: it was a two black widow day.  Not a metaphor.

i’d gotten a hankering to deal with a bunch of plastic bins I’d long ago emptied and left to collect dust (and spiders, apparently) on the back porch. I suspected I might find one or two black widows, and I did, in fact, find one. It freaked me out, because I’d been careful to look, and just missed her. I’d been handling the bin a lot, moving it here and there. I’d even power-hosed the bins and felt confident I’d dislodged anything that might be hiding. But, she was cagy, and remained perfectly hidden… unbeknownst to me.. until it was knownst. The only way to eliminate her, I guess, was to stab her with a very large screwdriver. It was brutal. Jim did it. Yay Jim.

A little bit later, I was clearing out a box of ping pong paraphernalia and found another black widow. Jim was unavailable this time, so I disposed of it myself. My chosen weapon was a hammer which I used totally hastily and recklessly, nervous as I was. The hammer head was not much larger than the spider. It was extremely unsettling; I’m not at all cut out for this sort of thing.

I could also talk about how I splashed a large amount of standing-water scum (very smelly) on myself (it was quite the move), but I’d rather talk about this guy:


Love him so, so much.  Every day he warms my heart; he can be incredibly endearing. While I wish things would just s l o w down, I am impressed with the young man he is becoming. He’ll kill me if I say much more than that (no screwdrivers or hammers, however, I’m sure), so I’ll save the details for a less public place.

Thanks to Wes Young for this cute picture. No, I have no idea what he’s doing with his fingers.. but I do love the expression.



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