Sunday Love

April 6, 2014

Such a simple day, but so many things I could write about…

For starters, could write about Sunday breakfast at the Magpie Cafe on R Street in Sac. Lovely little spot, my second time there, first time for breakfast. Wanted Jim to try it, thinking it’d appeal to him.  I think it maybe got a B+ in his book.  A lot urban, a lot trendy, a bit precious, but also a nice focus on organic, healthy, artfully prepared food. Great baked goods. Really, what’s not to love?

I had this:

Two poached eggs; crispy, grilled homemade bread; crispy, lightly-oiled roasted veggies (exceptional); and fruit (instead of the housemade sausage or thick cut bacon).  Plus, drip coffee, rich cream and the mis-shapen brown sugar cubes I love so much.


Jim had this:

Rubbarb-strawberry french toast.


He liked it.

On our way to the foothills.

I must include a road shot, I love road shots, just love them…I love sitting in the passenger seat clicking away.  Here’s I-80, heading east up the hill:


Or, I could write about how we were honked at and flipped off not once, but twice, on the way through eastern Sacramento and then Placer County.  First by this guy:



And then by this guy:



Guy is the key word.  And both in trucks… go figure. Bumper stickers about compassion, science, the rightwing media, marriage equity and, oh yeah, O-BA-ma, are unwelcome in certain parts of California.

But, mostly, the day was about a four-mile hike along this ditch-full-of-water just east of Colfax:


With these good people–long time hiking buddies (like 20 years), Susan and Jim



Nobody’s smiling, but they are having a good time.  Really.

A nice view through a break in the trees:



All that, and back by 3.

Nice day.






2 Responses to “Sunday Love”

  1. Looks like a lovely day! We walked down that stretch of Arboretum behind Whole Foods that you mentioned…. saw the underpass mural!

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