Gift Avocado

March 28, 2023

(NOTE: As I backfill missed blogs, my only clues as to what may have happened on any given day may be a date-stamped photo or a calendar entry. I had only one photo for this day.. March 28… an avocado photo that I’d taken to send to the person who gave me said avocado. My calendar tells me I had two political meetings that day (skipped one because it was raining too hard) and a gathering with my book group (I’d not finished the book, so there was nothing to blog about. So….. avocado it is.)

The only thing I can say about this avocado is that is was fantastic. Anne gave it to me eight days ago. Using a long basket grabber, she’d harvested it from her backyard tree and handed it to me as a solid dark green rock. I nestled it into the front seat console of my car and drove around with it for the whole time I was in the southland. I never thought it’d ripen.. but, well, eventually it did. And we ate it. And it was excellent.

So I sent a pic to Anne with our thanks!

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