Define Protection

March 27, 2023

The count for mass shootings so far in 2023 is sickeningly high. School mass shootings, as well. Today’s was at a church school in Nashville… 3 nine-year olds and 3 school officials. Of course people are numb. Reps look the other way and/or blame anything but guns. Dems feel jaded and hopeless. People dig in on their respective sides … reps double down on the 2nd amendment and gun purchases soar. Their solutions include giving guns to everyone and making sure we have armed guards everywhere. Protection, they say. Dems call for common sense gun laws. The dems are 100% correct. Of course. There is NO moral defense on the rep side. But here we are. I do expect there will be a tipping point.. if not in our republican elected officials, then in the voting public. I’m jaded and hopeless, like everyone .. but actually believe we will prevail at some point. Because we must. This is an untenable situation.

I’m with all the thinking and moral people in the country… on the side of common sense gun laws. And for f*cks sake, we absolutely need to ban assault-style weapons of war. Obvs. I also would like to see voluntary buy backs that happen annually and become something close to a national holiday. I’d like to see the best marketing and messaging people we have assigned to the campaign to turn in your guns. I could see public pressure having an effect, eventually, on people who continue to own assault weapons, at least. As the decades go on. Maybe, over time, with the halting now assault weapons sales, PLUS regular buy backs for the millions that remain in so many people’s possessions.. over time, we could make a real dent. Right? Maybe?

It’s all unbearably stupid that we are here.


And yeah… the reps are protecting our children. Not from guns and violence, but from ideas, education, books.

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