The Quince Speaketh

January 21, 2023

We have a bunch of random flowers that bloom early every year.. the narcissus, some calendula… but the REAL harbinger of spring is our flowering quince. When those buds begin to open up.. we are on our way.

Without further ado:

And would you look at that blue sky! We are in for an entire week of sunshine …. cold, but sunny.


I’m not one to tire of winter, and obviously January is my favorite month. For birthday reasons, of course (I mean, OF COURSE), but also because after the holiday mania, it feels deeply luxurious to go inward, be all lazy, work our way through all the Christmas candy and just not feel guilty about any of it. January is a big ol’ do nothing month, made even better this year by all the darkness and rain, and time spent next to the fireplace.

That said, I saw this the other day and laughed out loud, so I’m sharing it.

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