Baby Zoom

January 15, 2023

Maia and Diana are visiting from Alexandria and the plan was to gather at Monica and Dror’s to meet Diana, who’s now 8 months old. But, somewhat predictably, one of us got covid (this time Monica, her first bout) and we were forced to move the gathering to Zoom. Not a bad way to go (esp as the prospect of driving to the Bay Area during [yet another] atmospheric river event was unappealing).

So we did this:

And the much better screen shot version..

Turns out Maita also was at the tail end of Covid, which is why John’s in the garage. Lol.

Marty was coming to us from France where he’d just returned from a first night dinner and was needing to head to bed. No Peter and other-Maya, no Ben and Nina, no Mark, no Teri and Chad… but a good gathering nonetheless.

Star of the show: Diana and Maia, at whom we pummeled questions (Maia) and made googly faces (Diana). How fun is that? Only thing missing, according to Monica, was the chance to squeeze her very plump little thighs (Diana’s, that is). Got a bit of intel on sleep patterns, eating preferences, her latest conquests and obsessions. As Maita pointed out, it was so wild to see Maia as a mama. And as Marie pointed out, we are witnessing the next generation coming in on the heals of the passing of the patriarch (Dean). Lot of head nodding at both of these realities. Yet, to me, it also seems completely normal to see Maia with kiddo. Comfy, confident, capable… or so she seemed on Zoom! She already had the shrug mastered, as she explained, for example, ever so casually, that she and Diana probably picked up Covid on the flight, and, it’s just no big deal. Cold symptoms.

Could easily be another year before any of us meet Diana (or Tim and Ted, for that matter). Unless we plot to descend on them for Thanksgiving next year… could happen!

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