Don’t Be Fooled

January 12, 2023

These sweet flowers are not quite a harbinger of brighter Spring days….

The weather people tell us we have another two or three (or four?) atmospheric rivers to go before this assault is said and done. I actually don’t mean to call it an assault.. we certainly have needed the rain and snow and I’ve been as gleeful and relieved as every Californian at this amazing January (which began in December.. and didn’t we also get some rains in November? I think so!)

But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been violent. I was in Sac yesterday for lunch with Susan and saw these two houses on Capitol Ave (next door to one another, probably victims of the same fallen tree). I pulled a u-ey and circled back to get a shot. Jim said he saw the same photos in the New York Times (somebody else’s, obviously).

This completely motivated me to contact the City again about our neighborhood redwood. They got back to me today to say, sorry, not a City street tree (they’ve always come out in past to evaluate it, but not this time). So next contact is the owner of the house next door to see if they’d be willing to remove it. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Don’t Be Fooled”

  1. Elliot Says:

    What photos of those houses. I saw another house crushed by a tree on the news this eve – in Boulder Creek. The family had just had it built and would move in next week, but now they are back to square one………for the second time. Their first home was burnt to the ground in the fire two years ago.

    Another possibility with the next door redwood is to get it topped off. That’s what our neighbor did so now it’s probably less than 15 feet above our house. From the ground you can’t tell it’s been topped – full of green branches (that leave our gutter filled to the brim but that’s fine with me).

  2. Kari Says:

    I love the idea.. we talked about it.. and decided we’d ask the tree people if that was possible. The reality is, however, redwoods don’t belong on residential streets in the valley…. we’ll see. So very too bad about that family in Boulder! Also: hi, Elliot!

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