Let There Be Light

January 8, 2023

I was just about to settle in and write about how we’re managing in the dark of a power outage…. when… PrEsTo, the power came back on!

This was our second power outage this winter — the first being a week ago, January 2, when it went out for about 3 hours. That one didn’t hurt too much because Peter and I were in San Francisco… eating pasta and veal scallopini dinner at Sobini’s, sipping cappuccinos at Caffe Trieste and perusing Jack Kerouac books at City Lights. (“City Lights”.. how ironic). During that outage, Jim, poor Jim, was left alone to manage the dark and cold water. We missed him!

That outage was just the incentive Jim needed to purchase a battery back up for our water heater. It arrived this week and he installed it on about Thursday.. just in time for outage number two! Good job, Jim.

I would describe us as in a full state of readiness for any future power outages resulting from California’s string of Atmospheric Rivers (yes, ARs are now a thing). (For the record, I’ll take atmospheric rivers over draught any day.)

  • we have a fireplace gas insert (politically incorrect as it may be) for heat
  • we have a nice, large battery pack to charge our phones, watches and whatevers
  • we have a gas range (again, to be phased out one of these days, but for now it’s sure handy) for cooking
  • we have a back up generator to power our refrigerator if the outage goes on too long
  • and we have the aforementioned back up battery power for our water heater… as of three days ago!

This power outage topped out at 13 hours and 15 minutes.. and most of that was while we slept (12:15am to 1:30pm). So no violins for us. The redwood tree next door is still standing, so that’s a positive, as well. (And I will also note, as long as I’m reporting good news, that the ants have significantly abated, which was very considerate of them.. one less thing to manage.) They are preparing us for a couple more ARs before mid-month, so we’ll stay in readiness mode. But not feeling too stressed about this.

Here are a few shots of us living like the pioneers:

Jim warming himself by the fire…

(I’ll be de-Christmasing the house TODAY! It’s time!)

Making pancakes for breakfast, since all of downtown is also out and we couldn’t go out for Sunday brunch. We had to light the stove manually, but the rest of cooking was pretty normal. Oh, had to heat water and milk on the stove for coffee.. forgoing my new fancy pants espresso maker.. these are the sacrifices we make.

And finally, here’s what you do when 1) your desktop is un-powered and your wifi is out anyway; and 2) you’re battling a cold (not covid we learned following two days of testing):

And, right after I took this picture, the power came on. And that’s where we are now… powered up, doing laundry, writing blogs (still by the fire).

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