To All a Goodnight

December 25, 2020

So much to love about this unconventional day. I’m too sleepy to report out… but will write this weekend a bit and post some pics.

In the meantime, I leave you with two highlights.

This is a perfect Jim gift.. it’s some kind of monument or lid or something old that he found when he was out in the sticks somewhere doing a survey (aren’t I terrible.. I really should know what this is and where/when/how he found it… I promise to articulate this better tomorrow). It’s heavy. He cleaned it up, cut it from its base, powder-coated it, gave it some tiny legs, and now it’s a trivet for the kitchen. I love him for this gift. And it will make me smile every time I see it on the butcher block island. Forever.

It’s about 9″ in diameter:

The other thing that made my day.. this picture sent by Claire from Ann Arbor this afternoon. It’s Lisa and Peter (and Claire and the dog…. Scout, I think) out for a walk on a snowy Christmas day. Yep.. a white Christmas. How enchanting is that? This is Peter’s new winter coat, purchased from Bivouac a couple days ago, the locally owned outdoor store in A2. We gave him a gift certificate to spend on a coat and some boots. So far, so good!

Doesn’t he look like he’s been living in the snow his whole life?

I was so happy to know he had people, dear friends, to be with today.

My heart is full.

More later.

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