The Day Before the Day Before

December 23, 2020


The holidays.. so extraordinary. A time like no other. We shouldn’t gather: it’s too risky. Help’s on the way (vaccination’s already in over a million arms), but we won’t see this thing turn around for months, and in the meantime, an unfathomable number of people will die. A huge number of people are broke. A huge number of people are without food and basic services. It’s just all so very hard to grasp.

And the guy who lost the election is unraveling. Vetoing defense bills, threatening to veto the relief bill that took months to negotiate, a bill that is disgustingly late and inadequate, but both sides agreed finally. Yet… he’s decided, at this late moment, it’s not to his liking (which is bs).

Not going to write about this. Just saying: holy god, what the hell is wrong with this animal and what more will he do?

He’s also on an egregious pardon spree (all ugly.. read about it). He’s lashing out at former defenders (Barr, McConnell, anyone who’s not supporting reversing of the election).

And, not that it’s at all surprising, instead of sticking around to resolve now stalled legislation that would have helped folks, he took off for Florida to play golf. I don’t really know what that means for any of this.


As that roils, the rest of us try to find our way through the holidays, without our kiddos and families. (Speaking for ourselves here on A Streeet.)

To that end, a few shots on the day…

A call with Peter.. a lifeline to love, connection, and all that’s good, in this time of so much non-good.

As he was explaining a math/logic problem, I had time to run to Upper Crust to fetch Christmas morning baked goods. LOL!

After the call, I resumed some baking of my own…. these chocolate cookies I’ve made before but whose recipe I modified this time.. I think to great effect!

(Used milk chocolate instead of bittersweet.)

I also made a dozen of my favorite gingerbread muffs…. and had enough batter to make a few minis, too!

Have already given some butterballs to friends and family, and will give a few more batches of these to friends and neighbors (and Ruben/crew). Not the usual roll out! But okay for a weird year. I enjoyed baking this past week.

Did a quick batch of cranberry sauce — this with rosemary and orange zest…so, so, so good. I just love having a jar of it in the refrigerator for whenever I want some!

Will do a limited amount of cooking tomorrow (Christmas Eve day for dinner tomorrow night) and then we’ll just eat stuff, talk to Peter and do our own quiet little Christmas .. just us two.

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