On This Day…

June 27, 2020

…. seventeen years ago….

We were at Susan and Jim’s Echo Lake Cabin, an annual tradition that is not so annual anymore. We probably got a good fifteen years out of it, though! I’d give anything to be up there right now…

This is a selection from June 27, 2003, a trip that included Susan, Jim, Heidi, Mumsie (Susan’s mom) and us. Likely other folks were there, too, but not on this particular day, it appears. Peter was always the only kid, except the one year he brought a friend (Daniel). Guests would come and go over S&J’s usual two-week stay.  Treasured these trips.

Breakfast around the table..




We did a lot of canoeing on Upper Echo..


Explored the many (teeny) islands that dot the upper lake.. so fun. Always involved this..


View of the Ricker cabin from one of those teeny islands:



End of the day at the outdoor shower..

140-4093_IMG 2

Includes some rock climbing..


Slept on the outside deck.. heavenly.


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