No Justice No Peace

June 15, 2020




Here are some photos from Sunday’s Black Lives Matter rally and march at Central Park.

For the most part, people did honor masks and social distancing. Estimates were in excess of 1000 folks. I might have guessed more. People filled most of the two square blocks of the park.


After about an hour of speeches, people began to mobilize and started east on 4th, south on D, east on 2nd, north on G, east on 5th to the Police Dept.

It doesn’t look too distancy here, does it? People tried to stay spread out. The line of marchers stretched about a mile, in at least one person’s estimation (I saw her video, it was impressive).


This is near corner of G and 5th:


I made a sign that actually had four sides… here are two of the sides:

The polite version…


and the more in-your-face version:


That would be me under all that.

It’s really important to show up. This is a time for people — all people — to hit the streets, to be counted, to show solidarity with people who’ve been oppressed, denied.. so that there is no mistaking the message: we have inequities and injustices at every level in our society that are unacceptable, built on systemic racism and flatly inhumane.  That’s fact. And it’s long past time to fix this mess. We need to get it right. All of us need to open our hearts, listen hard, do the work to learn, change. It’s about real love, real respect, real compassion.

Sounds ridiculously pat. But it’s really that basic.

It’s about ensuring that power comes from, and serves, the people.. that people who have power and influence in our culture and society — the bosses, teachers, coaches, judges, owners, leaders, police chiefs, generals, and.. elected officials — come from and represent all of us. We’ll make progress only when we have better people in charge.



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