An Apart Celebration

June 10, 2020

Peter graduates on Saturday; I’ll write about that then. We are not going, which is heartbreaking. We won’t be able to celebrate him in the traditional way, nor watch him walk across a big stage in front of thousands to receive his well-earned diploma from a dean or a provost in an academic gown.  No tassel flip, no cap toss, no pomp and circumstance. Such a sad state of affairs.

Yet, this graduation will go down in history for exactly that unusualness. Nobody will ever forget the class of 2020.

Insofar as we won’t be there, we made and gathered some items that he can enjoy on Saturday. Our box was to be picked up today and delivered tomorrow, via Wes and Margy, who were going to drive down, rent a house, and be on hand to mark the occasion and be our parental stand-ins, but poor Margy came down with a fever yesterday and they had to cancel their trip. Feel so bad for them, too!

We’d pulled the plug on our plans weeks ago, gave up the house that we’d rented, cancelled the few restaurant reservations I’d made, told everyone not to come.

Anyway, I’ve been so bummed for Peter, for Ray, for all the graduates. Ceremony denied, but we’ll honor him in other Peter-acceptable ways later.

And, as I said, in the meantime, we put together a box, with items.

Champagne, flutes, some cookies and snacky crackers, a mortarboard and tassel since he opted not to get one, sentimental sentiments from Jim and me, and this very neato bronze thing that Jim crafted and engraved to mark the occasion.


I made the baked goods.. cheese crackers and chocolate cookies.  🙂


All decorated up…


Only thing missing is us.





One Response to “An Apart Celebration”

  1. I’m sorry that you wont get to be there for his graduation. A lot of people are going through the same thing, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is painful.

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