Bread Pudding

May 29, 2020

Jim made his famous bread pudding. It’s not a recipe, it’s a concept, like most of his creations. Which are universally good. He works with what he’s got.. this time leftover french toast from last week, waffles from two weeks ago and the usual butter, some kind of dairy (cream this time), embellishments (raisins this time)… and I don’t really know what else. It was incredible, especially with some vanilla gelato on board.



Note: The world’s in a world of hurt and I’ve spent the last couple hours writing about it. But I had so much more to say to tie all my thoughts together and it was getting longer and longer and more complicated .. and I’m just too, too tired and so weary. So I bagged it. I did. And posted bread pudding instead. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow when fresher.




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