Clean As A Whistle

May 18, 2020

Day #66..

Housecleaners are not on the list of workers ok’d by the public health department. Very icky.  I can let my hair grow out, but I can’t let the house go.

So… in Miguel’s absence, I’m chief housecleaner ’round here.

Since I’m doing that, Jim’s doing all the shopping. Other stuff, too, of course, but that’s become our exchange.

This housecleaning… I’m impressed with how much work it is. It’s is serious labor. On housecleaning days (every two weeks) I’m so beat up I can hardly move. Hats off to folks who clean their own houses. I feel a bit princess-y saying that I’ve never been that person. I’ve had no problem at all with the idea of hiring housecleaners. There is a lot to know! I have a list with things like, “what’s the best way to clean a bathroom, ” “what’s the best product for cleaning kitchen counters,” “how do you use that Bona stuff for wood floors?” I gotta get myself to the googles here soon.

The first time I cleaned the whole house, it took me 10 hours spread over two days. The second time 6 hours. That seems to be the average. Today took 7, for some reason.

I’m not gonna lie.. there is quite a bit of satisfaction in it. My domestic self esteem is off the charts.  But I think I’ll be ready to turn over the vacuum cleaner to Miguel at our first opportunity.

In the meantime.. check out my floor!



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