Going Gentle

May 14, 2020

I’ve got some pretty good fear and rage going today… it doesn’t take much, does it? Just read a little news and presto… you’re there.

I have notes on some of those feelings.. but let’s not. Let’s just go gentle tonight.

Spring walks are about as good as life can get, literally.. as spring is that time when new life emerges, activity and color return to the world, cuteness abounds. In Davis, that starts happening at the end of January, so we’re nearly four months into our Spring lovelinesses. And I’ve displayed a lot of what I’ve seen in my blog already.

But have I done baby ducks? I have.. but baby ducks walking on the path by the creek flanked by their protective parents?

IMG_6166 3

How about squirrels peering around the trunks of trees?

Version 2

That makes me feel a wee bit better.



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