Who Needs Vinegar?

May 5, 2020

I wish I could remember the event for which we purchased a bunch of low-end chardonnay. It could have been a decade ago, maybe more… in fact probably way more. Somehow, two bottles remained and have been in the liquor cabinet (we now have a liquor cabinet) since the pantry was completed eight or so months ago. Before that, they just moved around from closet to closet … wherever I tucked away low-priority liquor.

Out of wine, I decided I’d open one of these to have with dinner tonight.



I’d made vinegar!

Bummer. Forwent wine with dinner.

Speaking of dinner, though, wow. It was a standing ovation of a dinner.. all leftovers, but leftovers of some of the best things I’ve ever made, certainly lately.


Lower left is an artichoke, lemon chicken made with boneless, skinless chicken thighs.. quite possible my most favorite ever chicken part. This preparation is fantastic; we both gave it 4 stars. Upper right is a rectangle of potatoes and leeks au gratin, which was more complex than you’d expect and shockingly good. Couldn’t eat it every night, but will definitely make it again. Also four-stars from each of us. Dessert was the last of Jim’s birthday cake. Martha’s killer chocolate, of course. Best cake ever.

Who needs vinegar?



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