Greenest of the Green Springs

May 1, 2020

Couldn’t figure out what to write about. Still can’t. There is plenty that’s just plain awful — heartbreaking, frustrating, confusing, frightening, maddening — but I don’t feel like souring a nice summer-like Friday evening.  There is also a lot that feels pretty damn good, like how I feel like my getting-more-regular-every-day daily rhythms are actually healthy, or how grateful I am to be spending a lot of my days working on some truly worthwhile volunteer efforts (political, of course), or how I’ve actually learned some crazy new things (running Zoom meetings and managing social media political campaigns) and/or rediscovered (and am enjoying!) some old things (cooking), or how I’m doing things I’ve wanted to for a very long time (podcasting, watching tv shows from this century), or doing things I never wanted to do, but don’t actually hate (domestic chores). But I don’t want to write about any of that.

Lots of awful, lots of good. Nothing to say about any of it.

I looked through my photos to see if anything jumped out.. and this did! Took it yesterday or my #walkswithvicki. Not a single pixel of editing. It’s mostly of the turtles on that square, wee island, next to the bushier island.  Hard to see the turtles, but the shot is stunning (says point and click me). I’ve worked harder for shots that were nowhere near as lovely!



2 Responses to “Greenest of the Green Springs”

  1. Vicki Crescitelli Says:

    Gorgeous photo!

    • Kari Says:

      Isn’t it? I literally gasped when I saw it. We walk along this path multiple times per week. I know we look, but we don’t always see. Even when we do. And we do! And we comment.

      You and I couldn’t possibly count the times we’ve passed this view. It’s ALWAYS pretty. And I’ve taken photos all along the creek. And still… a single photo can jump out.

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